Hen & Fabienne

married in siena

Hi Pascal,

Everything fine on this side… ..and still very happily married.

Here comes the bit:

Thanks to you, Wedding in Italy, we had a fantastic week and a very beautiful wedding ceremony.

From the first moment, July 2010, the contact felt good. You were behind it correctly, pleasantly and professionally. On October 17 the flight to Pisa and from there by car via Florence to “il Borgo de Vescine”, about 20 km north of Siena. On 20-10-2010 it was time, the big day. Again, everything takes care of everything down to the last detail. With a beautiful Lancia on time to Siena, where the very pleasant “interpreter”, Anita, was waiting for us and guided us further with the formalities. In between, enjoying a glass of wine on the fantastic square Il Campo of Siena. At 3 p.m. enter the authentic 500-year-old town hall of Siena. Here the “deputy mayor”, who was a typical Italian personality, celebrated our wedding. After this ceremony we said goodbye to Anita and together with the 2 witnesses we had a delicious wine tasting and a great dinner. Of course we visited the surrounding towns in the days around it, including vineyards, and enjoyed the landscape and culture. In short, it was a fantastic week that we look back on with great pleasure.

Fabienne Rikers and Hen Snackers