Every lovestory is beautiful


An agriturismo is the most popular among our wedding couples, which is not surprising, of course, because these accommodations are beautiful and offer numerous possibilities. At an agriturismo you often sit in private with the guests. Most agriturismos produce wine or olive oil. You will stay in beautiful, often recently restored country houses on beautiful, quiet and sometimes even remote estates.

Authentic B&B

A B&B is very similar to an agriturismo, but a B&B does not grow products on its land. Our B&Bs offer a wide choice for weddings! Getting married in the vineyard or in the beautiful town hall in the village. Your own kitchen with top chefs for your dinner in the garden with your guests at long tables. Delicious food, beautiful wines and, at the end, a party with music and conviviality.


Do you want to get married in Italy and are you coming with a very large group? Then a hotel is often the best solution in Italy. An agriturismo or a B&B often offers no possibility for 100 to 120 guests. What we often do is split the group for the stay. And with a bus or small vans we ensure that the guests are of course present throughout the day at your wedding. But a hotel can be a solution. You can then stay together with the entire group.

Luxurious locations

We have various luxury locations at our disposal These locations offer the luxury of top chefs and pure class catering. A beautiful location with various gardens and magical places to get married. Often with a view over a lake or the sea. Rooms with various amenities. Everything is taken care of to perfection.


Wedding in Italy

Wedding in Italy has various options for getting married! On an island where you sail by boat together with the guests. There you get married at a beautiful open air room (see photo) in the garden, and then a cake with a drink after the ceremony, followed by a dinner and a party. In a garden at the waterside with a view over the lake, or in a castle! On the beach with bare feet! Various town halls are so beautiful that you keep looking and you fall in love with them spontaneously. Let us know your wishes and we will look together to the most beautiful locations.

I go to Italy a lot and every time I am surprised by the beauty of the town halls there. The most beautiful locations and the best suppliers.