Richard & Silvia

married in Malcesine

Hi Pascal,

Can only say magnificent magnificent magnificent, it was all so perfect a fairytale was everything.
You probably think a late response, but we only came back on Friday, had a few more days stuck to it, it was so warm there and then you hear the weather here in the Netherlands.
But it went completely well, never expected that everything would go like this, you still think oh dear how will it continue today, but the wedding location, the civil servant, then the photos in the castle.
The cake was completely perfect, it was so beautiful again a few bottles hihi and so nicely made the table, there were candles, Patricia had a special bride and groom fork for us, we stayed there for a while with the hotel owner’s sister and still a nice man who works there,
Then the food was very well organized, I think a lot of 5 courses and a dessert with wine etc. was really good, really nice restaurant we had the back table just next to the pond, so I finally got my feet. freshening up and great fun for the kids
And you are great, a bottle in the room that was so much fun yet a really nice ending.
It was a pity that grandma had to fly so early the next morning so we didn’t get much sleep.
And of course not to forget the ladies of make up and hairstyle, I had such a good time with them, and they did a really good job, they are all great.

Thanks again a lot, (is not enough yet you are great)
We sometimes hear people say that you dare you never know if it is really good such a desk
Well now we know it’s more than good

Greetings from U.S. all,

Richard and Silvia