Stijn & Ingeborg

married in Mauritius

Hi Pascal,

Our wedding in Mauritius was not only beautiful, but beautiful, magnificent and a unique life experience to remember. Where only one thing mattered, the love between two people.

Upon our arrival we were first given a tour of the hotel, we stayed in Veranda pointe aux biches, we felt like celebrities; the people were very friendly and helpful.

Then we were allowed to choose all kinds of things for our wedding. Such as the cake, the colors of the bow, the music, bridal bouquet, … and you name it. Completely according to our wishes. Our wishes were really taken into account and that was very nice. Everything was explained and discussed nicely so that we did not have to worry.

And then the moment arrived, for which we had been waiting for months. Our yes word. It started to trickle at that time, but the Mauritian population is convinced that “rain is a blessing”. Immediately we got an umbrella. And we certainly did not experience any inconvenience. It was only a few drops, but it soon stopped. After the Yes word they came with cake and champagne, we were allowed to enjoy it together with some music in the background.

Time to take pictures! We were allowed to take pictures until the sun went down. Because it was winter there at the time, the sun went down around 6:30 PM. We took beautiful pictures.

And our evening ended with a cocktail at sunset, followed by a “lobster menu” as the staff said so beautifully. There we were, eating lobster on the beach.

And when we arrived in the room, after this wonderful day, another pleasant surprise awaited us from the staff. Our bed was beautifully decorated!

Our day was a perfect success, a unique experience to remember, the beginning of our future together.

Thank you Bruiloft in Italie, for this wonderful day !!